Friday, August 24, 2007

The Happening on TV & in the newspaper

Lehigh Valley TV station WFMZ was filming at the G Lodge set in Valley Forge, PA

Here is the link to the story and video:


One to go Another restaurant is temporarily closed, but this one's all for
Hollywood. G Lodge, the rustic diner near Phoenixville, yesterday accommodated
filming for M. Night Shyamalan's new drama The Happening. Owner Dennis
Dreibelbis, wife Terri Nelms and cook Bob Quigg all got cameos. In the scene,
panicky people, including star Mark Wahlberg, burst into the "Filbert
Restaurant." G Lodge is expected to reopen Saturday.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Alan Ruck and Set Photos

On IMDB someone is saying that Alan Ruck (Stuart from Spin City) will be appearing in The Happening.

Tommorow is the last day of filming at the G Lodge (or the Filbert Resturant)

Now on to the big story set photos.
Here they are:

And now even more photos:

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G-Lodge Set Pictures


^ M. Night on set

^ The Set

^ Extras

It looks like the G-Lodge is set up to be the Filbert Resturant in the ficitional town of Filbert, NJ.

For many more, bigger and higher quality photos from the set of The Happening go to

Shooting at the G-Lodge will continue until Friday.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Day one G Lodge

**Update** I can confirm filming will again take place at the G Lodge in Valley Forge, Pa on Aug. 22nd.


Yeah, I just got back from the G Lodge. I was there for about 2 and half
hours. I met Mark Wahlberg (he's my favortie actor, and I don't care about your
opinion on him) and he was even nicer than I imagined he would be. He stopped
and talked to the crowd for a little and signed a couple autographs. He said
they're shooting outside tomorrow and friday he told us to bring a football to
throw around, so I'm really excited, he's a really great guy. You really should
stop buy if you're in the area, it's right on route 23 (Valley Forge Road)

G Lodge Filming

It looks like the filming is underway at the G Lodge in Valley Forge

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

G- Lodge Update

Just talked to a source and he says they are working on a rain date for Mondays & Tuesdays filming that was cancelled due to the rain.

From an e-mail:

Just thought I'd tell you this. My mom and dad both called The G-Lodge. They
spoke to the owner, and he said they're filming inside. You can't get in unless
you have a badge, and he needs a badge to get into his own restaurant. Starting
tonight, there will be a 10-man security force, guarding the place, I guess. He
also said you won't be able to get within a few hundred feet of the place, and
that the stars do not want to be bothered. I got this info direct from the owner
of The G-Lodge. That really sucks, doesn't it!

Just talked to a source and he says they are working on a rain date for Mondays & Tuesdays filming that was cancelled due to the rain.

The G-Lodge

Tommorow filming will be at the G. Lodge on RT. 23 in Valley Forge, PA. Looks like they are filming train scenes.

Also we can confirm the setting of the movie is in September/early fall.

Set Photos/Filming Canceled Due to Rain

Here is a link to some photos from the 30th Street Station Set:

Also the filming of The Happening has been canceled again due to the heavy rains the Philly area is getting. No word on when the crew will shoot these scenes.

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Monday, August 20, 2007

The Lovely Bones/The Happening in the newspaper

This is from

Location scouting Filmmaker Peter Jackson, due from New Zealand soon to
shoot the haunting drama The Lovely Bones, is hunting for a spacious rental in
Paoli. I hear that Jackson had kicked around with fellow director M. Night
Shyamalan the idea of his family's bunking with the Shyamalans at their western
Main Line spread, but that the idea was nixed. (Casa Shyamalan is in a tizzy
because he's deep into filming The Happening with Mark Wahlberg.) The Lovely
Bones, starring Ryan Gosling and Rachel Weisz, is an adaptation of the Alice
Sebold novel about a Norristown girl who tells her story from the afterlife
after she's been raped and murdered.

Shoot Cancelled For Monday

Todays shoot has been cancelled due to the rainy weather. They will be shooting again in Philly tommorow.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Filming Update:

The extra holding location is at 10th Presbyterian Church at 17th and Delancey. The set is closed. Also I have heard a rumor they are filming soem park scenes.

week 8/20 - Smedley Alley on Pine St. across from OMOI

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