Saturday, September 1, 2007

Victoria Clark join the cast of The Happening

There is no filming going on this weekend.

Actress Victoria Clark has joined the cast of The Happening. Our source is unsure of her role but says she has not filmed yet.

Here is her imdb page:

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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Friday filming location / Set Photo / CBS 3 Clip / The Lovely Bones

The crew is back at Rittenhouse Square and the surrounding area again tomorrow.

New Photo from Joshua:

On someone posted this set report:

Was there all day today - they shot a traffic scene with a cop and a taxi driver (who actually looked a bit like a young Christopher Lloyd) at 18th and Rittenhouse Ave, a small backstreet behind the Square. I hung around and ended up as a background extra before being tossed because I had a crummy Phillies T-Shirt on. The people were cool, they figured I just got caught up in the mass of people - no security until M. Night showed up - set locked down then. They had a big crane shot and several POV shots on the Southeast corner of Rittenhouse Square. Very cool.

CBS 3 (KYW-TV) did a story on The Happening today here is the link

The Lovely Bones Casting News:

“The Lovely Bones” OPEN CALL

Heery Casting is looking for principals and extras for the feature film, “The Lovely Bones.”“The Lovely Bones” is a Dreamworks Production, being directed by Peter Jackson (“The Lord of the Rings”). The film, based on the best-selling novel by Alice Sebold, stars Rachel Weisz, Ryan Gosling and Susan Sarandon. Filming will take place from early October through mid-December in the Philadelphia suburbs.

Both Union and non-union actors are encouraged to attend, all ages and ethnicities. All roles are paid positions.

This film takes place in the early 1970's - men: start growing your hair and sideburns!Casting associates will be guiding SAG professionals through the line on a priority basis.

The Open call is on Saturday September 8, 2007:Adults, age 18+ from 10Am to 12 NoonGirls: age 7-17 from 12:30PM to 2:30 PMBoys: age 7-17 from 2:30Pm to 4:00 PM.

The open call will be held at:St. Thomas Mar Thoma Church of Delaware Valley 130 Grubb Rd.

Malvern, PA 19355Please bring pictures and resumes (or a recent snapshot) If you are an ADULT who has worked on any project through Heery Casting in the last 6 months, you DO NOT need to attend this call. Children (age 7-17) MUST attend the call even if you have worked recently.

Photos / Set Reports from the Philly Shoot and Spoiler

I got these photos from Charlie via e-mail:

^Rittenhouse Sqaure

^Mark Wahlberg at Pine & Smedley

^Mark and M. Night

This is from

In Rittenhouse now. I saw Marky and M.Night yesterday filming on Pine St. It is interesting at first but sooo repetitive. They shot the same 15 seconds about 10 times over 40 minutes. Absolute perfectionists. One shot was scrapped when the sunlight changed a bit. In another, it seemed that the school bus was late for its cue.

In the park, dozens of extras are holding still as a boom camera pans over them, then someone (a real chcaracter?) falls down on the ground. Bizarre to watch. Even more bizarre because I walked through the scene before I recognized I was in the shot.


This is a part what they shooting right now:

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Shooting Locations / Casting

From Heery Casting:

We are looking for some Latino Men who are available to work as featured background for M.Night Shyamalan's , "The Happening."Needed are : Latino Men, age 25-60, SAG or non-SAG (these roles will receive SAG waivers) You MUST be available for multiple days of shooting -

Sept. 4-10If interested and available, please e-mail your picture and contact info to:

No Phone calls please.

Shooting Info:

Also they are shooting at 18th and Pine again tomorrow. Mark Wahlberg and M. Night were there today. They will most likely be there again tomorrow.

If you have tips of photos leave a comment or e-mail me at



alright, i went down to smedley alley, a side street between 16th and 17th
on pine. saw shyamalan! no actors, although i probably couldve stuck around to
see them. i went around 9:30am. dont know how long filming will be going on

Set Photos part 2


^This could be the section of the script they were shooting there

^ Jeep crash

^Video Village, to preview the shots

^Jeep crash, they were preping for filming

^Better Shot

^Another street, you can barely see the Jeep


^Trailer for the Executive from 20th Century Fox

^Kinda got yelled at because we kinda slipped in thru a broken gate in the back. No one besides cast and crew was supposed to be allowed in.

^BBQ in the tent


^Who is Sam M?


Vans for taking cast and crew

^ Signs

^Fan for making wind, wind plays a huge part in the movie

^Can you see the guy with the camera?

There was a second set, I got a few pictures but there is nothing to see. Just a road closed sign and a metal pole. The filming was happening around a bend in the road.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Exclusive Happening Set Photos / Filming Updates

Seems like the filming has sped up and they will back in Philly filming again tommorow. The extra holding area will be at Rock School Lot at the NW corner of Broad and Washington in Philly.

I visited the Wynnwood, Pa set today. Here are some photos:

^ M. Nights there but you can barely see him
^ Lunch Break

^ Track for camera to move on to film the Jeep

^ Burger King for lunch
Part 2 and set report coming tommorow...


Coming later tonight....Exclusive Set Photos...

Coming Soon...

Coming tonight... a hint
Got this Set report from Wynnwood in my e-mail this morning:

I went down to the set today to the Kaiserman JCC.
They're not actually filming at the JCC, I guess it's just where the extras meet. But -
there were trailers, and food tents, and signs saying "TH," "Crew Parking,"
and stuff like that at the JCC. Where they were filming was in a neighborhood,
near 69th and City Line. There were a lot of roadblocks, and a lot of police cars.
There wasn't really much to see, except for the trailers that were there, and a bunch
of people walking around. You had to stay and watch behind the roadblock. The scene
they were doing was a Jeep, I think, that crashes into a tree. We waited quite a while,
and talked to various people. There were a bunch of different sets in that neighborhood.
Before we left, my mom talked to a guy that said that they were having camera problems,
and that they would be there, but he couldn't give her a definite time. They were
filming elsewhere, at 69th and City Line, where there were also roadblocks and police cars.
I highly doubt you'd see the actors, though.

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