Thursday, August 30, 2007

Photos / Set Reports from the Philly Shoot and Spoiler

I got these photos from Charlie via e-mail:

^Rittenhouse Sqaure

^Mark Wahlberg at Pine & Smedley

^Mark and M. Night

This is from

In Rittenhouse now. I saw Marky and M.Night yesterday filming on Pine St. It is interesting at first but sooo repetitive. They shot the same 15 seconds about 10 times over 40 minutes. Absolute perfectionists. One shot was scrapped when the sunlight changed a bit. In another, it seemed that the school bus was late for its cue.

In the park, dozens of extras are holding still as a boom camera pans over them, then someone (a real chcaracter?) falls down on the ground. Bizarre to watch. Even more bizarre because I walked through the scene before I recognized I was in the shot.


This is a part what they shooting right now:

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