Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Set Photos part 2


^This could be the section of the script they were shooting there

^ Jeep crash

^Video Village, to preview the shots

^Jeep crash, they were preping for filming

^Better Shot

^Another street, you can barely see the Jeep


^Trailer for the Executive from 20th Century Fox

^Kinda got yelled at because we kinda slipped in thru a broken gate in the back. No one besides cast and crew was supposed to be allowed in.

^BBQ in the tent


^Who is Sam M?


Vans for taking cast and crew

^ Signs

^Fan for making wind, wind plays a huge part in the movie

^Can you see the guy with the camera?

There was a second set, I got a few pictures but there is nothing to see. Just a road closed sign and a metal pole. The filming was happening around a bend in the road.

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Anonymous said...

"Sam M" is Sam Mercer, one of the producers.

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