Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Exclusive Happening Set Photos / Filming Updates

Seems like the filming has sped up and they will back in Philly filming again tommorow. The extra holding area will be at Rock School Lot at the NW corner of Broad and Washington in Philly.

I visited the Wynnwood, Pa set today. Here are some photos:

^ M. Nights there but you can barely see him
^ Lunch Break

^ Track for camera to move on to film the Jeep

^ Burger King for lunch
Part 2 and set report coming tommorow...


Anonymous said...

Hey, HUGE THANKS to whoever is running this website. I was an extra for this film during the school scenes and at the 30th street train station. Its been great being able to follow the production and get updates on what's going on. I check this site daily.


Your welocme and keep checking!


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