Saturday, September 22, 2007

Plumsteadville Set Photos

Kristy has visited the Plumsteadville set of The Happening yesterday and snapped a few photos for everyone. (Click on the photos to make them bigger)


They are filming near Hairing Rd and Stump Rd in Plumsteadville, Pa until Monday night.

If you have any set photos send them to


Friday, September 21, 2007

Set Reports for Plubsteadville and JR Masterman

Set report number 1 from

Not that it's all that exciting, but since I work about 3 minutes from the
set I figured I'd drive by today and see what was going on. As someone else
mentioned, the road to the farm is completely blocked off at the Stump Road
intersection (didn't see the other end but I'm assuming it's the same) by cones
and 2 police cars. You can see a ton of activity at the site tho, including some
people walking around by the road, cranes, butterflies, and lots of trailers and
equipment trucks. So yeah, not that this exposes anything that new, but pretty
cool regardless.

Set report number 2 from
Right now a lot of equipment is set up off of Haring Road in
Plumsteadville, Bucks County. I drive by there on my way to class and I noticed
two cop cars blocked the road, but at the time I thought maybe there was just an
emergency or accident. My dad just told me yesterday though that they are
filming a movie with Mark Wahlberg and today there were these huge cranes with
large white rectangular things hanging down from them, and this could explain
the numerous limousines I have been seeing. It's pretty cool because I live two
minutes away. When M. Night Shyamalan was filming Signs around here, a little
girl in one of my mom's classes had her house used as one of the indoor sets. I
hope it will be a good movie.

Set report from the August shoot at the J.R. Masterman School in Philly, from

my school, j.r. masterman was one of the locations and some of the pictures
on here are right next to it. they used the band room and some of the projectors
from the library. i dont get it though, my school is pretty ugly hahaha. its the
best one in the tri state area so. yeah i just thought it was cool. cant wait to
see it.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Filming / Farm Update

The crew is filming again at the Gross Farm on Haring and Stump Rds. in Plumsteadville, Pa.

Two articles on Raymond Gross the 80 year old farmer whose farm they are filming on into Monday.

Artical 1:

Artical 2:

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

WORLD EXCLUSIVE and much more!

I have been sitting on these for a few days. I looked back and these "screen caps" as our source calls them, they are supposedly from THE HAPPENING. The source says these scenes are being edited right now and will appear in the trailer which is due out "late fall or early winter". I've looked into the photos and these seem like real screen shots from the film.

They said in the next few weeks they will be getting some more captures from film and I will post them if the source e-mail them to me.
Also I found more YouTube video from the Phonixville G-Lodge shoot you can find it at the link posted:
The Happening is filming again tomorrow on Haring and Stump Rds in Plumsteadville, Pa.
Remember if you have tips or photos you can e-mail to me at or leave a comment.

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Set Photos / Insider Info

Today I got some exclusive photos from The Happening set in Plumsteadville, Pa. The shoot was set at a farm house. The farm is near the corner of Haring and Stump Rds.

Here are some exclusive photos we took earlier today (click on the photos to make them larger):

A source on the set has told us that Mark Walhberg is filming on this set along with Zooey Dechanel. The source tells me that WPVI-TV or 6 ABC in Philly was at the farm today filming b-roll for their 6pm &11pm newscast. If this video is posted online I post a link on this blog. Also the source tells us that the scenes they are filming now are going to take place toward the end of the movie.

Found this on

Mark Walhberg and five pals at Davio's (111 S. 17th) for langostinos and
cheesesteak spring rolls, clams and antipasti. Wahlberg was nice to staff,
tipped well and said he hoped to make it back for a steak before he leaves town,
where he's shooting "The Happening."

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


They are filming again near the Plumsteadville Volunteer Fire Company on 5064 Stump Rd. in lovely Plumsteadville, Pa.

I hopfully will be getting photos from my source.

Phoenixville / Drew Barrymore!?!?

Shyamalan hopes to rebound with new thriller

What seemed to be an average, quiet, hot and humid August night in Phoenixville, Pa. was anything but average. That's because hundreds of area citizens waited outside the G Lodge Restaurant in hopes of catching a glance of Mark Walhberg, star of M. Night Shyamalan's newest thriller, "The Happening."Several filming locations are taking place in the Philadelphia area including Rittenhouse Square, 30th Street Station, Julia R. Masterman School and the G Lodge restaurant in Phoenixville. The last time this level of excitement was seen in the sleepy town of Phoenixville was when Steve McQueen and company invaded to film the campy 50s horror film classic, "The Blob." In fact, that event was so remarkable that the town has an annual "Blobfest" just to commemorate the film and its significance to the area.

"The Happening" is a thriller about a teacher and struggling musician named Elliot Moore, played by Walhberg, and his family on the run from a natural disaster that presents a large scale threat to humanity. Aliens take control of the Earth's animals and plants in order to take over the planet. It appears to be the usual Shyamalan offering of adventure/thriller with a slightly twisted perspective.

In January 2007, Shyamalan traveled from Philadelphia to Hollywood to prepare a live-action film adaptation of "Avatar: The Last Airbender" an Emmy Award-nominated American animated television series that currently airs on Nickelodeon. Shyamalan then went to numerous studios submitting a sample script of a movie entitled "The Green Effect," but no studios showed enough interest in purchasing the script. Attempting to salvage the project, Shyamalan returned to Philadelphia with ideas and notes he collected from the various meetings.

In March 2007, Twentieth Century Fox greenlit Shyamlan's project, now entitled "The Happening." Shymalan and Barry Mendel are producing the $57 million film, which will be the director's first R-rated project. Besides the film's star, Walhberg, the cast consists of Betty Buckley, Spencer Breslin (who was in Disney's "The Kid," "The Santa Clause 2" and "The Cat in the Hat") and Zooey Deschanel, from "Almost Famous" and "Elf."An area native, Shyamalan clearly favors shooting his films in and around Philadelphia. "The Sixth Sense," his break-out hit, featured Philadelphia so prominently that it almost became a character in and of itself, lending it's unique architecture and ambience to the story of a boy who could "see dead people."

And part of the eerie nature of "Signs" was the juxtaposition of its rural Lancaster setting contrasted with the otherworldly alien invaders. The bucolic cornfields rustling with alien monsters made the possibility of alien invasion seem somehow more likely.

Wahlberg is no stranger to the area as well, having portrayed Philadelphia Eagle and local hero in the recent movie "Invincible." A Boston native, Wahlberg's mix of everyman charm and street-tough persona seems to make him a favorite with his Philadelphia fans. Wahlberg took the time while filming "The Happening" to greet fans, and remarked on how much he enjoys filming in the area. His career seems to be poised on the cusp of super-stardom, as he has earned box office popularity with movies such as "Invincible" and critical acclaim with roles in movies like "The Departed."

Critics have given "The Happening" mixed reviews, despite the fact that the movie has yet to be released. Whether or not this movie is going to be another hit like Shyamalan's previous movies "Signs" and "The Sixth Sense," or a bust like his last film 'The Lady in the Water" is still up in the air. You can see for yourself in the summer of 2008. And who knows, in a few years, one may be in Phoenixville for a "Happening Fest" and see Mark Wahlberg running out of the Colonial theater!"The Happening" is set to hit theaters Friday, June 13, 2008. With its star-power, "The Happening" looks to be a hit.

Artical from:


Barrymore drops by film shoot

The cast and crew of the M. Night Shyamalan film The Happening were shooting last week on a thousand-acre hay farm in Unionville, Chester County.

And who emerges from a car and shows up for lunch but Drew Barrymore?

The actress, bucolically chic in jeans and a white shirt, does not appear in the movie. She was taking a meeting with Happening producer Barry Mendel.

The locale may have seemed like the middle of nowhere, but the grub was urbane. It was sushi day.

The sci-fi movie, in its final three weeks of production, is headed to Upper Bucks County today after a brief stop near Pottstown.

Full Artical:

Monday, September 17, 2007

Filming Location for 9-18-07

They will be filming near the Plumsteadville Volunteer Fire Company on 5064 Stump Rd in Plumsteadville, PA.

I might be able to visit the set this week.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

More Phonixville / Filming Location Rumor

Hey, My buddy Tracy sent me these photos from the Phonixville G-Lodge shoot a few weeks ago:

They are filming tommorow at the Ludwigs Corner Horse Show Grounds in Glennmore, Pa.

A poster of IMDB posted that this week they would be filming in Newtown, Pa. If so you can find out here. Also, I'm sure there will be set photos if they shoot in Newtown.

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