Sunday, September 16, 2007

More Phonixville / Filming Location Rumor

Hey, My buddy Tracy sent me these photos from the Phonixville G-Lodge shoot a few weeks ago:

They are filming tommorow at the Ludwigs Corner Horse Show Grounds in Glennmore, Pa.

A poster of IMDB posted that this week they would be filming in Newtown, Pa. If so you can find out here. Also, I'm sure there will be set photos if they shoot in Newtown.


Anonymous said...

I happened upon the Newtown Square filming location (I think...). There are "TH" signs posted in Ridley Creek State Park pointing to an obscure little place in the park. Saw white tents and lighting equipment, but no stars yet! The sign was just posted this afternoon around 1:00 (saw the man putting the sign up!), so I wonder when they'll film???

Anonymous said...

OMG u were so close to Mark Wahlberg. So jealous, he is so hot.

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