Friday, September 21, 2007

Set Reports for Plubsteadville and JR Masterman

Set report number 1 from

Not that it's all that exciting, but since I work about 3 minutes from the
set I figured I'd drive by today and see what was going on. As someone else
mentioned, the road to the farm is completely blocked off at the Stump Road
intersection (didn't see the other end but I'm assuming it's the same) by cones
and 2 police cars. You can see a ton of activity at the site tho, including some
people walking around by the road, cranes, butterflies, and lots of trailers and
equipment trucks. So yeah, not that this exposes anything that new, but pretty
cool regardless.

Set report number 2 from
Right now a lot of equipment is set up off of Haring Road in
Plumsteadville, Bucks County. I drive by there on my way to class and I noticed
two cop cars blocked the road, but at the time I thought maybe there was just an
emergency or accident. My dad just told me yesterday though that they are
filming a movie with Mark Wahlberg and today there were these huge cranes with
large white rectangular things hanging down from them, and this could explain
the numerous limousines I have been seeing. It's pretty cool because I live two
minutes away. When M. Night Shyamalan was filming Signs around here, a little
girl in one of my mom's classes had her house used as one of the indoor sets. I
hope it will be a good movie.

Set report from the August shoot at the J.R. Masterman School in Philly, from

my school, j.r. masterman was one of the locations and some of the pictures
on here are right next to it. they used the band room and some of the projectors
from the library. i dont get it though, my school is pretty ugly hahaha. its the
best one in the tri state area so. yeah i just thought it was cool. cant wait to
see it.


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