Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Got this Set report from Wynnwood in my e-mail this morning:

I went down to the set today to the Kaiserman JCC.
They're not actually filming at the JCC, I guess it's just where the extras meet. But -
there were trailers, and food tents, and signs saying "TH," "Crew Parking,"
and stuff like that at the JCC. Where they were filming was in a neighborhood,
near 69th and City Line. There were a lot of roadblocks, and a lot of police cars.
There wasn't really much to see, except for the trailers that were there, and a bunch
of people walking around. You had to stay and watch behind the roadblock. The scene
they were doing was a Jeep, I think, that crashes into a tree. We waited quite a while,
and talked to various people. There were a bunch of different sets in that neighborhood.
Before we left, my mom talked to a guy that said that they were having camera problems,
and that they would be there, but he couldn't give her a definite time. They were
filming elsewhere, at 69th and City Line, where there were also roadblocks and police cars.
I highly doubt you'd see the actors, though.

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