Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Happening and Cold Case

The Happening will resume filming Monday.

Also some scoop I just found out. Cold Case is filming in Philly today and they are shooting scenes that take place in the fall time.

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Anonymous said...

My neighbor went to the Cheyney Post Office on Station Road Friday to get her mail, and they were filming The Happening there. She said there were 4 railroad cars and lots of extras walking in front of the trains talking on cell phones. She was standing next to a man who said his son was an extra in the movie. He pointed out M. Knight Shyamalan to her, and said something about Mark Wahlberg, but my neighbor hadn't heard of him and didn't remember what he said. We don't know if Mark was filming there. The Cheyney sign had been taken down and there was a sign that said Filbert. They've moved on--all that's left are some giant lights. I don't think they were ever filming at the Cheyney University parking lot, the buses and trailers were just parked there.

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