Sunday, April 27, 2008

New Stills Online!

Here are some new promo stills from The Happening:

The Philadelphia Inquirer ( has a little bit of info on Shyamalan selling his estate:
Signs are pointing to a sale of the Gladwyne mansion of filmmaker M. Night
Shyamalan, who put the pile up a year ago for $8 million and then cut the tag to
$7.25 million and then to $6.25 million. I hear that the selling price will be
in the high fives. Montgomery County records show he paid $4.5 million when it
was built in 2000 on nearly two acres. The Shyamalans now live on a 123-acre
compound in the western reaches of the Main Line. Shyamalan's latest, The
Happening, is scheduled to open wide June 13, and he's in early preparation for
The Last Airbender, a live-action adventure.
M. Night will also be going to India this May here is more on that:

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