Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Linfield Set Report

Today The Happening is filming in Unionville.

On someone posted a set report from yesterdays Linfield set:

They were shooting at a greenhouse that is literally RIGHT behind my moms
work!!! They had the road closed, but by the time i got there they were all
gone. My best friend works like less than a minute away from my mom at a deli
and they had all the trailers and stuff across the road at a church, so they
came in to her work for lunch! She wasnt working bc we were at school but one of
the guys she worked with said that when the people came in for lunch they told
him they would tell Mark to come in, but he never did. But other production guys
came in later and she waited on them. I was so jealous! i was like WHy did i
quit?!! haha! I know theyre coming back bc an older couple came into the deli
and said they were filming in there barn soon, but they didnt know the exact
date. they said probably tomarrow. Sry that i rambled im just really excited!!!
I really wanted to see mark!!!!

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